PoE Seminar – Jan 2013

Philosophy of Education Seminar Series – Jan 2013.

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Philosophy of education is central to any vision of education and plays an important part in shaping programmes conceptually as well as in their implementation. In an era when education is increasingly seen solely as an instrument for economic development and it is also assumed that its human and social purposes are best served through the route of increased participation in economic life of the society, the very idea of education undergoes a radical transformation. As a result, it becomes imperative to examine the assumptions that underlie and persuade such a transformation and gauge its implications. Examples of these include, one, the spread of international economic competitiveness in the domain of education that results in the argument for tangible and worldly-wise assessment schemes for measuring the quality of education, and, two, the impact of such global economic strategies on national attempts to provide better education to all and the need to understand how these developments and processes impoverish the very idea of education. Needless to say, issues that arise out of these developments are many more.

While these issues, with all the markings of contemporaneity and also portending global consequences, require urgent and serious deliberation, some of the perennial issues in philosophy of education also need to be thought anew. The latter include foundations of teacher education and the need for philosophy of education in it, role of philosophy of education in policy framing, the nature of knowledge (including tacit knowledge), education and the nature of citizenship, education and the nature of values, normative foundations of the discourse on education, and the theoretical foundations of gender and environmental education. All of these and many more issues need to be addressed and analyzed for their possible contributions towards a robust discourse on education. In addition, it is equally important to guard education against reducing it to an assorted basket of modules.

The Azim Premji University, Bangalore, is committed to fostering serious dialogue on these issues and also in enabling a platform that facilitates such discussions. Towards this objective, the University announces a Regional Seminar Series across India on Philosophy of Education and an International Seminar on Philosophy of Education from 16 January to 18 January 2013 in Bangalore, India.
The objective of this seminar is to bring together educationists and philosophers of education from all over to create an occasion for discussion on the issues outlined above. The seminar will feature invited as well as selected presentations from those who respond to this call for papers.