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Seminar Presentations

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Theme – Social Justice and Education


Gopal GuruTwo Conceptions of Education: Gandhi and Ambedkar

Theodore LewisThe Continuing American Struggle to Realize Dewey’s Democratic Ideal through Education

Paper presentations

Neera ChandhokeThinking Through Social Justice

Poonam Batra – Studying Education, Practicing Education: Contesting and Reimagining 

Krassimir Stojanov – Educational Inequalities and Educational Justice

Ajay Sharma – Neoliberal Ontology of Teaching: A Critique

Amman Madan – Unpacking Intersectionality: Conceptual Explorations of Convergences and Divergences of Class, Caste and Gender in Education in the 66th NSS Survey

Manohar Kumar and Daniele Santoro – Bound to Fail: Epistemic Injustice and Educational Opportunities

Milbrey McLaughlin - Teaching as a Learning Profession

Meera Gopichandran – Teacher’s Work and Identity: A Case for Strengthening Knowledge Relations

Rudolf C Heredia – Transformative Education for a Just Society

Devaki L – Teacher Accountability

Aruna B. – Philosophical Explorations of the Teacher-Pupil Relationship


Theme – Indian Philosophical Thought/Thinkers and Education

Short talk on the papers in this theme – Sundar Sarukkai


Steven H Phillips – Classical Indian Philosophy’s Knowledge Sources (Pramana) as Educational Methods

Sundar Sarukkai – The Relationship between Learning and Language: Some Perspectives from Indian Philosophical Traditions


Paper Presentations

Parimal G PatilPhilosophy, Pedagogy, and Truth in Late Indian Buddhism

Stephen DeGiulio – Power and Aesthetics: Rabindranath Tagore’s Decolonizing Pedagogy

Nand Kishore Acharya – Learning is Liberation: Indian View of Education

Ashwani Kumar – Awareness as Meditative Inquiry: Broadening and Deepening the Concept of “Awareness” in Educational Theory

Srinivasa VarakhediAuthoring Textbook: Ancient Indian Methodology

Rajesh Kasturirangan – Embodiment, Flourishing and Education

Heeraman Tiwari – Context and Text: Commentary and Dialogue as Education in Ancient India

Venu Narayan – Education and Emotions

Arindam Chakarabarti – Conversing about Conversation, for Truth against Power: Sulabha’s Pedagogy of Parrhesia

Amitabha Mukherjee – Mathematics Learning in Pre-colonial India

Huma Ansari – Vidyā and Avidyā- Underlying Harmony in the Fundamental Opposites

Vijaya Verma – The Revolution in Physics in the Last Hundred Years


Theme : The Nature of Education Studies


John Furlong – The ‘Discipline’ of Education – Rescuing the University Project.

Rohit Dhankar – Education Studies: Exploring the Possibility of an Adequate and Coherent Conception

Paper presentations

Sebastian Rudas Nyara – Liberalism and Religion: On Separation and Anticlericalism

Geoffrey Hinchliffe – The Space of Reasons: The Role of Academic Judgment in Assessment

Christopher Winch – The Assessment of Professional Knowledge: How Do We Know that Someone Knows How

Heinz-Dieter Meyer – The Limits of Measurement

Theme – Policy Issues in Education


Sudhir Krishnaswamy – Autonomy, Paternalism and Perfectionism: Challenges to The Right to Education Act, 2009

Padma Sarangapani – Why is Teacher Education Difficult to Regulate? Reflections on the Perpetually Changing Character of Education Studies

Paper presentations

Ravi Subramaniam – Conceptions of Knowledge Informing Education Theory and Practice

Elizabeth Rata – Epistemic Knowledge and Democratic Politics

Manuel Amodo – The Analytical Tradition and the Distinction between Education and Indoctrination